More than 10 years of experience in Federal land management and 15 years of experience in GIS and data management.

Highlighted Experience

  • Resource Information Specialist, U.S. Forest Service (Dec 2020 – Present). Regional Natural Resource Manager (NRM) Program Manager. Data integration, information management, and data visualization for resource applications. Intermountain Region, R4. Ogden, UT
  • Data Manager, U.S. National Park Service (Oct 2016 – Dec 2020). Information management, GIS, and cartography for ecological data collection, trend analysis, and reporting. Sierra Nevada Network Inventory and Monitoring Program, Three Rivers, CA
  • Research Associate, University of Colorado Boulder (Aug 2015 – May 2016). Remote sensing and modeling for hydrologic research. Boulder Creek Critical Zone Observatory, Boulder, CO
  • GIS Technician, U.S. National Park Service (Mar 2013 – Aug 2015). GIS and data management for resource planning. Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, Three Rivers, CA; Gateway National Recreation Area, Staten Island, NY
  • GIS/Natural Resource Intern, U.S. Bureau of Land Management (Jun 2012 – Feb 2013, Jun – Aug 2010). Data management and science communication for multi-use land management. National Conservation Lands, Washington, DC
  • Research Associate, The Ohio State University (Jun 2011 – Jun 2012, May 2009 – Jun 2010). Advanced remote sensing and spatial analysis for polar and alpine research. Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center, Columbus, OH
  • Geologic Mapping Intern, Ohio Department of Natural Resources (Sep 2007 – Mar 2010). Mapping support for geohazards, glacial geomorphology and historic data preservation. Division of Geological Survey, Columbus, OH


Selected Conferences and Training

Applied Coursework

Graduate Geography Coursework: Remote Sensing, Climatology, Seminar for Problems in Climatology and Climate Change, Interdepartmental Seminar for Polar and Alpine Studies, Seminar for Cartography, Applied Quantitative Methods for Geography (Geostatistics), Theory of Regional Development/Field Methods in Human Geography, New Worlds of Latin America

Undergraduate Geography Coursework: Fundamentals of GIS, Intermediate GIS, Design and Implementation of GIS, Elements of Cartography, Numerical Cartography, Introduction to Geographic Analysis and Geostatistics, Earth Systems (Meteorology), World and Regional Geography, Geography of the United States and Canada, Making of the Modern World, Geography of Development, World Urbanization

Undergraduate Geology Coursework: Physical Geology, Geology and the Environment, Historical Geology, Oceanography, Water Security, Energy, Resources, and Society, Cryosphere, Geomorphology, Stratigraphy and Sedimentology